Help yourself to help others

by Dr Glenn D Fredericksen DC B.Chiro on November 1, 2011

During in-flight safety announcements, passengers are instructed that if cabin pressure drops they should put on the oxygen mask that suddenly appears. It is also said that if you are sitting near somebody that needs assistance that you first look after yourself and then help them. This selfish act sounds a little odd but in actual fact has a valid reason. How can you help somebody if you are struggling yourself?

The same should be said for many other aspects of your life including your health. I met a Lady the other day who, despite having obvious health concerns herself, felt it was so important to put the others she loved first. As loving and honourable as this sounds I couldn’t help but feel that soon she would experience an inevitable inability to help others as she would be the one needing the help.

This reminded me that to help others, I mean really help others not just in the short term but long term as well, you must first ensure that you are looking after yourself. Because once you dip down below the thresholds between well and not well, you will find that you become the one in need.

Constantly looking after everyone else can put a strain on many aspects of your own health and life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Take a moment to assess what your own needs are and ensure that they are being met so that you can continue to help those you love. Ensure that you are taking time out for yourself and if you find that you holding in the stress of helping others or beginning to physically feel the strain then it may be time to seek some professional help or guidance. A chiropractic check up maybe just what you need to regain your own health so you can continue to help others before they become a pain in the neck!

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation!

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