Chiropractic check at 14 days old

by Dr Glenn D Fredericksen DC B.Chiro on October 25, 2011

Why did Mommy & Daddy have me checked by their Chiropractor at 14 days old?

I was too young to complain about back ache, sciatica, neck pain or migraines, so why did Mommy and Daddy have me checked by their Chiropractor? It was to ensure my tiny spine was aligned properly so I can grow up with a healthy nervous system!

Many new born children around the world receive a Chiropractic check up in the early days of life, not because they are in pain but because their parents have learnt that a healthy nervous system can help ensure children have the best start in life.

Zac (pictured) was checked by Dr Glenn Fredericksen when he was only 14 days old to see if his birth caused any trauma to his spine which could have been affecting his nerves. Zac had a natural birth without the use of any mechanical instruments, but even still, it may have been traumatic enough to affect the soft spine that he had as a newborn. Zac’s Mother (who was also checked throughout the pregnancy & prior) and Father (also checked) chose to have Zac checked to allow him to be free of any nerve dysfunction.

Undetected nerve dysfunction associated with birth trauma can result in an array of problems, some of which may be noticeable such as: Difficulty breast feeding or only feeding on one side, constantly favouring a certain head position, irritability and sleeping problems to name a few.

Dr Glenn Fredericksen can provide your child with a gentle consultation like Zac had, to check for any nerve dysfunction that could be present as a result of the birthing process, falls or accidents.

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

Visit our practice for a personal consultation with one of the Doctors of Chiropracticto find out how the nervous system may be the key to getting you or your children well.  We are is passionately committed to your success and provide specialized care for many health problems not commonly associated with the spine.

Both Shrewsbury and Wem Family Chiropractic centres enjoy helping people with a natural approach to health and well-being focusing on healthy nervous systems in conjunction with nutritional and exercise advice. CALL TODAY and schedule your free (no obligation) consultation, to see how we can help you.

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